Links to all my graphic and picture resources, as well as some academic resources are listed at Credits and Resources.

Art in Melbourne

Art and Design at Monash University
West space studios
Loop Bar
National Gallery of Victoria

Web Design

W3C World Wide Web Consortium
CSS and webdesign workshop
CSS Zen Garden
CSS Zen Garden Resource Guide
Stop Design Articles
Airtight Interactive
Huddle Together - Lokesh Dhakar's blog
PrayStation - Joshua Davis official site
Once Upon A Forest

Graphic Design / Typography / Print

Design Is Kinky
Symbols of Australia
Oxoniensis Art

Digital Art

Imaginary Friends Studios
Furiae - Linda Bergkvist's Official site
Fredrik Odman
Ballistic Publishing
Magnetica - Anna Ignatieva
Golden Seven - Jenny Dolfen

Tottoos - Kat Von D Official site


Holding The Man - Griffin Theatre production 06/07
Equus - Gielgud Theatre 07

Music Videos

SilverZombie - production design for 'Bittersweet'
Marc Webb - dude who directs stuff


Kat von D (Katherine von Drachenberg) is a tattoo artist from California. She appeared in HIM's 'Killing Loneliness' music video (above). In it she tattooed Edgar Poe's eyes on Valo's back.

Fredrik Odman is a contemporary Swedish photographer.
"His imagery is sometimes dark, sometimes amusing, and sometimes frightening. However, itís always genuinely arresting, thought-provoking and extremely well executed". Quote - ImagineFX 08/06