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Title: Helena
Artists: My Chemical Romance
Directed by: Marc Webb
Year: 2005

Source: Wikipedia
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"Helena" is the second single from My Chemical Romance's 2004 album Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. The lyrics describe lead singer Gerard Way's feelings for his late grandmother, Elena Lee Rush (friends called her 'Helen', and because of this, Way always thought of her as "Helena"). The single has become a best-selling hit, both in the US and internationally. This song has been used as the credits song for House of Wax. Way said in an interview with Channel [V] the band got influences for Helena from the song "Aces High" by Iron Maiden and tracks from The Misfits.

The video was shot on-location in a Presbyterian church on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, directed by Marc Webb, and choreographed by Michael Rooney. The video has a simple plot, with Gerard Way as a priest/entertainer (and also the boyfriend of the departed Helena) at a funeral where the band is performing. There are also mourners who dance and mourn the death of Helena. Near the end, the dead body of Helena (played by burlesque dancer Tracy Phillips) rises and dances down the nave representing crossing over into the afterlife. After she falls back into the casket, the pallbearers (also played by My Chemical Romance) carry the casket to the hearse (in the pouring rain), surrounded by a phalanx of dancers.

Though the song in general is about the band members Gerard Way and Mikey Way's late grandmother, it was stated in an interview that the video told a different story. The music video shows the funeral of a young, beautiful, twenty-something year old girl named Helena, who, according to Gerard Way, died tragically. There is speculation that she could be the female of the "Demolition Lovers" that chronicle some of the band's songs, but evidence from the song leads most to believe that the video Helena died in a fatal car accident.

The video was nominated for four Moonmen at the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards: Best Rock Video, Best Choreography, Best New Artist, and the MTV2 and Viewer's Choice Awards (both of which are chosen by viewers). Though the band did not win any awards, they did do a surprise performance of the song towards the end of the show. They also won an MTV Video Music Awards Latin America "tongue" for the Best New Artist-International. They also won a Best Video award in the 2005 Kerrang! Awards. In November of 2005, the video was nominated for two MTVU Woodie Awards (voted on by college students) and won the Woodie of the Year. In the Philippines, Helena has reached a cult-like status because of the popularity of Alternative music.

The video was also voted #1 by viewers of MTV latinamerica in the 2005 "100 Most Wanted Videos".


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