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Title: Bittersweet
Artists: Apocaliptica, Lauri Ylonen and Ville Valo
Directed by:
Year: 2004

“Bittersweet is a song about two guys who are involved with the same girl. One guy is in a relationship with her, and the other one wants to get into that relationship. And it’s kind of the mixed feeling between these two guys.”

“The whole idea with the spiritual board. And then you (Apocalyptica) performing on the ceiling like bats… That was Lauri’s idea. It’s nice to be able to [have creative control].”

The infamous ceiling scene, for which the guys from Apocalyptica have Lauri to thank, was filmed without any special effects. The three men were actually hanged upside down from the ceiling, along with the chairs and cellos.

Bittersweet photoshoot

Production pictures from the set
Source: SilverZombie


Making of "Bittersweet" music video


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